Parabolic Microphone

The innercore Parabolic Reflector is designed for audio recording.  With a diameter of 500mm and a focal length of 140mm its high forward gain makes it ideal for filming or audio recording of sporting events or wildlife.

Made from flexible ABS plastic, the dish is robust and lightweight. It can either be handheld or tripod mounted.

Customer Comments:

‘Tried the dish/mic last night and was well impressed.’

‘I can pick out and locate the sounds that I want to record fairly easily and much better in fact than any dish or sort of dish I have used previously.’

‘Dish lightweight and seems precise in its construction, Focal point as stated.’

Countries Where the Innercore Parabolic Microphones are currently being used

Australia, Canada, Estonia,  Finland, France, Germany, Hawaii, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Shetlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA,